Behavior Consults

Behavior Consults


When your pet has challenging behavioral issues come see us for a consultation. We understand these situations can be stressful for the pet and pet parent, we offer humane modification techniques to help manage certain situations.
Schedule a consultation appointment if your pet is displaying undesirable behaviors such as:

• Animal or people aggression
• Leash or cage aggression
• Fearful, shy and nervous behaviors
• Resource guarding (food, toys or anything they may claim as their own)
• Separation anxiety
• Inappropriate urination and defecation issues

We start by obtaining a detailed history of the behavior and rule out any medical ailments that could be contributing to the issue. If necessary we may suggest bloodwork or urine testing to help diagnose your pet’s problem. After discussing the issues with our veterinarians, they will devise a plan of techniques to modify the behavior. Whether it needs to be medically managed with drug therapy or certain behavior modification exercises, we will work toward making these situations more manageable for you.
Our goal is to eliminate undesired behaviors and teach you how to minimize these situations to make it less stressful for you and your pet.

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