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During the months of December 2016 - March 2017 we will be offering discounted spays and neuters at our hospital with the below coupon.

Please contact us to schedule your appointment and find out more information.

Click HERE for the coupon.

Why Spay or Neuter?

Each year, over two million dogs and four million cats are euthanized at US animal shelters. Many are from unwanted litters born “by accident”. Many are from litters that were intentionally bred, but the owner cannot find homes for them all. Many are older and suffering from diseases. Many are young and healthy but have developed behaviors that some people are not willing to work with. Many are perfectly healthy, loving animals that people can no longer afford or make time to care for. 

Unbelievably, there is a simple, comparatively inexpensive, quick solution to many of these problems: Spaying and neutering. Neutered animals cannot have accidental litters. Irresponsible breeders cannot intentionally breed them. They cannot develop common cancers or infections of the reproductive organs, such as mammary tumors, uterine infections, prostate and testicular cancers. Quite frequently, neutering also reduces or eliminates roaming, urine marking and aggression. One thing is for certain: Neutering decreases the number of unwanted animals that are euthanized. 


THIS ---->https://dupageanimalhospitalcom.vetmatrixbase.com/spay-neuter-months.html

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