Effective September 1st, 2022, we will no longer approve prescription requests from outside pharmacies. If you require veterinary authorization to purchase products from an outside pharmacy – you will need to pick up a written prescription at our hospital.

Why Are We Making This Change?
You have trusted us with the very important responsibility of your pet’s medical care. We know your pet’s medical history and our doctors are personally vested in providing the absolute best care to your pet. By directly authorizing medication from an online retailer, we are giving our approval of that particular medication from that particular online retailer as safe and appropriate. We cannot guarantee that an outside pharmacy is going to act in the best interest of your pet, our patient.

Our hospital is always working hard to meet you and your pet’s needs as efficiently as we can. While a prescription may seem like a minimal task, that is simply not the case. The amount of prescription refill requests we receive both in office and from outside pharmacies is incredibly large. It takes a significant amount of time to review medical records, confirm accuracy in the prescription itself, ensure proper documentation of the medication requests, and communicate effectively with outside pharmacies.

Many of our clients are unaware that these outside pharmacies send the same requests multiple times throughout the day. We come across a great number of situations in which we submit a prescription just to be told by our clients that the outside pharmacy claims to have never received it or has processed it incorrectly. The lack of reliability has caused great concern amongst our veterinary staff that our patients may not receive the appropriate prescription, and further resonates why we can no longer support these requests.
Support Our Small Business – Visit our Online Pharmacy

As a small business we do our very best to make our medications and preventatives affordable. We routinely compare prices with online providers to make sure that our prices are competitive. In fact, many of our preventatives are the same price or even less than online pharmacies. Our online store also comes with free shipping (orders over $49) and you can have products on your doorstep in as little as one to two days. Additionally, our pharmacy automatically applies any eligible rebates for medication you are purchasing.

Our Easy Dose It program allows you to have single doses of heartworm and flea/tick preventatives shipped directly to you instead of purchasing a full year at a time. You pay for the product as you go, there is no cost for shipping and the entire process is completely controlled by you and only you. This convenient option also serves as a reminder to give the monthly dose on time. Most importantly, by purchasing from our online store, you are supporting our animal hospital and staff that provide your pet with high quality veterinary care.

Our Guarantee to You and Your Pet

From the time the medication is manufactured, all the way to when you receive it, it has been handled, stored and packaged in compliance with manufacturer guidelines.

Our doctors know your pet’s medical history and we want our patients to get the highest quality medications to treat their individual medical needs. Your purchasing the medication through our hospital also allows us to be able to assist your pet in the rare chance of an adverse reaction and to reach out to the manufacturer on your behalf.

If there are ever any questions or problems, our staff will personally handle the issue and resolve it to your satisfaction. Thank you for trusting us with your pet’s medical care, we are always here for you should you need us.

Our online pharmacy can be found at DAH Online Pharmacy

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