If you have nutrition concerns regarding your pet whether they have a poor appetite, only eat table food or eat anything they can find, we will work with you to make sure they are getting adequate nutrition that is specific to their lifestyle needs. We will take into consideration age, activity level and any medical issues they have to help improve their overall health.

Is your pet overweight? Keeping our pets healthy directly involves weight management. Many medical conditions can arise or be aggravated by extra pounds. A common example is arthritis as carrying extra pounds throughout life puts more strain on joints leading to joint pain at a younger age. This is a sensitive issue because some pets love to eat as much as we do! We often share our food with them not realizing how quickly those calories add up. So now what? Our pets don’t know what a diet is and are used to their share of our meals as well. Our veterinarians can assess their weight, address any medical issues they may already have and help you implement a healthy diet to sustain them longer so they feel fulfilled.

Consult with one if our veterinarians so we can develop a plan and goals for your pet.